What lead you to explore the outdoors?

Two summers ago, I decided to climb Cucamonga Peak by myself because I needed space from myself. I was dating two great guys at the time (one of which is now my husband), and I grew tired of the constant juggle. I was experiencing dating burnout, and I needed a healthy outlet to just be outside my head for a while. To quiet my monkey mind, I came up with two strategies. I could either a) sit still and meditate or b) hike 12 grueling miles and not die doing it.

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Meet Your Edge

In yoga, there’s a space in which every yogi is encouraged to enter. Every pose can be modified to either intensify or simplify. When arriving in a yoga position, all yogis, regardless of experience level, is encouraged to meet their edge, to find that delicate sweet spot in which the pose is fierce and challenging yet comfortable enough that the yogi remains complete control of their breath and the asana retains its full integrity. Holding an asana and learning to lean in to the discomfort when your legs are burning, your arms are shaking, and your mind is running and collecting every reason to convince you to unravel out of the pose is one of the biggest challenges I have while practicing but also the same reason why I keep coming back to my mat.

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Travel Diary: Cusco

After traveling for nearly 24 hours, I finally set foot in Cusco, and the altitude welcomed me with open arms. The once capital of the Inca Empire, situated at 11,152 feet in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco has become a necessary a pit-stop for travelers seeking to visit the world-famous citadel. I researched substantially prior to my trip about avoiding altitude sickness, yet I found myself still vulnerable to the effects of the sudden change in elevation. For the next few hours upon my arrival, my breathing was labored. It was a conscious effort to inhale and exhale. My chest felt heavy, as if a person has pressed their foot on my lungs.

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Survival Guide: 20 Pro Tips for an Awesome Coachella

It’s officially Coachella season! The countdown has begun for the biggest and most anticipated music and art festival, which will return to its home at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Coachella rookies and veterans alike will flock to the said venue for a 3-day long weekend filled with fun, music, and art.

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Seven Magic Mountains

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For travelers heading towards Sin City, Nevada I suggest taking a pit stop and visit Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains, which is located in about 5 miles off the 15 fwy in the desert outside of Las Vegas. It’s open to the public and definitely a site to see!

Location: Seven Magic Mountains
Address: S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054

Anicka Nadine