What happens in [Vegas]…

I spent this past Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate two of my girlfriends’ birthdays. It’s been at least 5 years since my last visit, so this makes it my first time experiencing Sin City not underage and not with family.

We rented a 7-seater van to accommodate our overpacked suitcases, and took off at 4:00 am in the morning to bypass the traffic. Our group consisted of 5 girls and 1 guy, which was incredibly convenient because he volunteered to drive most of the way.

I’m aware of the rule that “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but here are some of the pictures below of our epic weekend.

Highlights include:

  • me tossing out a pair of gray heels (the pain was not worth it)
  • the 6 of us taking at least 30 minutes just to find Em’s phone inside the van
  • making “Bye, Felicia” our motto for the weekend
  • open bar at TAO = ordering at least 10 drinks in a span of 30 minutes
  • witnessing Trey Songz perform for free at Mandalay Bay’s Daylight Beach Club (we were 10 feet away from the stage)
  • Em’s magic sunblock
  • fighting off three bees while eating buffalo wings
  • singing at top of our lungs songs by the Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj and everything in between during the car ride
  • Club Crawl — hopping from one club to another all over the Vegas strip in a party bus
  • frantically looking for my cousin at the Flamingo pool after she suddenly disappeared on us
  • the fireworks show at Drai’s
  • adding “i-push mo ‘yan!” and “Mag Zumba na tayo, Darla!” in my vocabulary
  • making friends with random Italian boys at the Venetian

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We arrived in Sin City around 10:00am, and our first stop was Aloha Kitchen. The weather was extremely hot and dry (over 100 degrees)!

Aloha Kitchen's adobo burrito!
Aloha Kitchen’s adobo burrito!

Because our check-in time wasn’t until 4:00pm, we decided to kill time visiting the Bellagio Garden, walking around the strip and hanging out poolside at the Flamingo!