10 Items I Never Travel Without

I’m incredibly fortunate to have my mom instill in me the love for travel and exploration at a very young age. I first obtained my passport when I was seven years old, and I can still remember my first experience riding an airplane was a 14-hour flight from Manila to Los Angeles. I’ve been traveling every year since, having explored nearly 31 states and 7 countries… and counting! It’s an insatiable and lifelong lust for travel that I’m happily and helplessly infected with. My passport will only retire once I take my last breath. Listed below are my top 10 travel essentials.

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(New) Skincare Must-Haves: Kiehl’s

It’s been more than a year since I shared in this post my skin care must-haves. Apart from turning half of fifty last January, I discovered Kiehl’s and their incredible line of natural skin, body, and hair products. From what I recall, there was an orchestra of angels singing when I reached the entrance of my very first Kiehl’s store in Santa Monica. Their products have profoundly elevated my skincare game that I decide to divide my life into two: pre-Kiehl’s and post-Kiehl’s. I still use the items I previously discussed, but I finally graduated to the big leagues and incorporated Kiehl’s into my daily regimen. Below are my top three all-time favorite Kiehl’s products:

1. Ultra Facial Cleanser

Ultra Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is magic! Initially, I was hesitant to try it considering at the time I was strictly using cheap facial scrubs that contain microbeads. Subconsciously, I believed the microbeads were what made the cleanser work. “If it didn’t feel like my face will peel off every time I exfoliate, how will I know it’s effective?” was my uninformed mentality.

Upon learning the harmful of effects of these microbeads to our planet’s oceans and waterways (thumbs up to Obama for signing the ban!), I was determined to find a facial cleanser that will prove just as effective, if not more.

What I love about this cleanser is it’s the total opposite of facial scrubs. It has outperformed every drugstore facial cleanser I’ve tried, and I use it at the end of every day. It’s soft, mild, and formulated for all skin types. The texture is rich and creamy yet smooth and lightweight. My hands glide effortlessly even when I apply  just a small amount to my face. It’s gentle on the skin and eyes, yet removes dirt, dust and even the heaviest makeup, including waterproof mascara!

Bonus: it works wonders with Clarisonic!

To my readers curious or interested in trying Kiehl’s, I recommend the Ultra Facial Cleanser be your first purchase.

2. Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I believe that everyone should take care of their skin 24/7, even in their sleep.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is an evening facial oil that replenishes and visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning, with a formula that includes pure essential oils and distilled botanicals.

If there really was such as thing as “fountain of youth,” I can imagine it spouting this product. After cleaning my face and neck with the Ultra Facial Cleanser, I apply about 4-5 drops of this magical potion to my cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck, making sure it’s evenly distributed  before gently massaging it into my skin. By morning, my skin — dare I say it — glows.

It’s an oil, yet my skin or hands don’t feel oily when I apply it. Another reason why Kiehl’s has my loyalty for life is because their products are mostly scentless, or the scents are very subtle. Also, a little bit goes a long way, so despite being a little pricey, each bottle lasts me about six months.

3. Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

It’s a fact of life that skin looses elasticity and collagen with age.

Twenty-five is still considered young in most societies, but I did start to notice that I’m developing crows feet. It’s an inevitable sign of aging I’m not willing to accept yet.

I apply the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate twice a day, during the day and at night (following the Midnight Recovery Concentrate).

I could not believe what my eyes were seeing when I finished my first bottle. In just a few months, my crows feet were barely visible. I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror, smiling my widest smile, and examining the outer corners of my eye from every angle possible just to see if my crows feet will reappear suddenly. They didn’t. It was that precise moment I became a true Kiehl’s believer. I knew from then on that they have my business for life. I felt like a born-again Christian excited about Jesus.

What are your favorite skincare products? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

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I recently started a new chapter of my life this past June by moving in to a two-bedroom townhouse in the heart of Los Angeles with my best friend of 13 years! The mattress I was using prior was borrowed, and I knew that it’s time for me to graduate, put my girl pants on and buy myself my very own mattress.

A lot of my family members and relatives own Tempur Pedic mattress, and naturally, I was inclined to purchase one of my own. I knew the $2,000 price tag would be heavy on my pocket, but I wanted a memory foam mattress. I didn’t realize I had a choice. I thought that if I wanted quality mattress, I would need to set aside a few thousand bucks for it.

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DIY Paint Splatter Wrapping Paper

The holiday season may be over, but the gift giving continues! I’ve always enjoyed gift wrapping and adding Pinterest-esque twists to them (like this), so I was super excited to see one of my favorite bloggers, Song of Style, share this super easy DIY paint splatter wrapping paper. When she first shared the post, it was too late for me to do it as all my Christmas gifts had been wrapped, but I knew I had to try it! It’s not only creative but super chic as well, not to mention it’s versatile enough to fit any occasion!

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Materials (all of which can be found at YOUR LOCAL Michael’s): 

  • Black wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush(es)
  • Acrylic
  • Mini paper plates
  • Water
  • Old newspaper
  • Ribbons (optional)


1. Lay out old newspapers to prevent spills and accidents. Although acrylic paints are water-based, they do still stain.

Pour a generous amount of paint in each paper plate, one color per plate. Mix with a few drops of water. The paint shouldn’t be too watery or too thick. If it’s too watery, the color won’t pop against the paper. If it’s too thick, the splatter will form into a blob, which does not dry well.

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2. I used three different sizes of paint brush to add variety to the splatter.

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3. Splatter paint using your paintbrush! Be as creative as you can!

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Acryclic takes a while to dry so I left it out in the sun for a few hours.

4) Here’s the finished product!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Anicka Nadine

My Skin Care Must-Haves

Genetically, I’ve been blessed with good skin. I did suffer from mild acne breakouts during my teenage years, but for the most part, the skin gods have been in my favor. With my 24th birthday coming up in a few weeks, I am aware that I’m not getting any younger, and I can no longer rely on genetics alone to keep my skin vibrant and healthy.

Below are my top 7 products I use to take care of my skin!



I’ve experimented with a lot of body scrubs in practically every price range before I discovered Frank Coffee Body Scrub. A good friend of mine introduced it me last summer, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Frank is dry coffee-based skincare scrub, and all three kinds (Original, Coconut & Grape Seed, and Cacao) are packed with a special coffee blend with natural oils and vitamins and minerals. My favorite is the Cacao, because… CHOCOLATE & COFFEE, YO. The prices are $14.95, $17.95, and $16.95 respectively, which is reasonable and affordable. Plus, “American babes” (Frank’s words, not mine) can take advantage of free shipping!

My skin is fairly dry, yet voodoo magic occurs within the 10-minute window I leave Frank on to dry while I’m in the shower, because for the love of all things holy, my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards it’s U N R E A L. It’s like every pore and crater in my body disappears. When I rinse off the scrub, it feels as if I rubbed body butter on, but minus the grease. And the scent! Oh god, it makes my bathroom smell like a coffee shop. Mmmmmmm!

When I first started Frank scrubbing, I used it about 2-3 times a week, since I have a tendency to get excited over new products and discoveries. It’s been about 6 months, and I’ve slowed down and Frank scrub only once a week, which probably has something to do with its nature and consistency. Perhaps the only downside to using Frank is the clean-up afterwards. It has a way of getting into every nook and cranny of my bathtub, and it takes me a solid 10 minutes to clean all of the residue, which can be a nuisance.

Frank proclaims to target problem skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, and cellulite, but personally, the progress I see with my stretch marks are very very very minimal. I started using the scrub because of the hype and because I was curious if it can actually solve skin problems like it claims. The results from my personal experience with making my stretch marks fade have been ehh at best, but I continue to use the scrub for other benefits.

Experience #TheFrankEffect


I first got a taste of the Lush Life during the holiday season last year. Walking in for the first time at the LUSH Cosmetics store in Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade has been both a blessing (for my skin/hair/body) and a curse (for my bank account). I recall only purchasing the Gold FUN, which is a multipurpose shampoo, soap, and bubble bath since at the time I was going through a phase where I regularly want to pamper myself, either with relaxing bubble baths or full-body massages. Their very helpful and friendly sales associate also provided me with free samples of two of their facial cleansers: Let The Good Times Roll and Bûche De Noël. These two cleansers turned my”phase” into a “lifestyle,” thus converting me into a “Lushie.”

I’ve since tried all 5 LUSH cleansers, but my favorite of them all is Dark Angels. It contains black sugar crystals, charcoal, Morroccan lava clay, and cold-pressed avocado oil among other natural ingredients.

Dark Angels is my top pick for facial cleanser because it’s both gentle and gritty, which is probably a 9.2 on a scale of 1-10. Mentally, I believe that if a “scrub” doesn’t hurt when I rub it in my face, then it’s probably not doing a good enough job of exfoliating and deep cleansing my face. Twisted, I know.

I have combination skin; My cheeks dry out, but my T-zone spots (forehead, nose, chin) are oily. Dark Angels tackles both, with the black sugar and charcoal absorbing the excess oils as the cold-pressed avocado oil lightly hydrates.

They sell the product in pots of varying weights and prices, and one jar typically lasts about 2 months for me. It smells charcoal-y and Earth-y, and it can get a tad bit messy to clean up after washing my face, but it’s a small price to pay for my healthy and glowing skin.

Dark Angels Facial Scrub


I have a few friends who aren’t familiar with Lush products ask me for recommendations and advice as to which product they should buy if they can only buy one Lush product. Ultrabland has my vote. The label of Ultrabland states that it is “the LUSH founders’ No. 1 Desert Island Product,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Ultrabland is a facial cleanser/make up remover consisting of essential oils, beeswax, and honey. It’s suitable for all skin types. The consistency is rich, thick, and a tad bit little greasy, so it almost feels like rubbing a greasier version of body butter in your face. Depending on how much make up I have, I use about a dime size or nickel size dollop amount. A little bit goes a long way with Ultrabland. I rub it all over my face for a good minute, and the results are instant. Even my waterproof mascaras and eyeliners are no match for Ultrabland. It removes EVERYTHING: dirt, dust, makeup, excess oils… and the beeswax still keeps moisture locked in, so it doesn’t dry out my face.

Ultrabland is incredible! I CANNOT QUIT this product. Can’t stop, won’t stop. By far, it has been the best facial cleanser I’ve ever put on my face. Ever.



I’m really picky with lotions because my skin is dry, and I need something that I can put on early in the morning that will last all day. I’m picky about the consistency, the scent, most importantly, its moisturizing powers. Aveeno definitely meets my all of those standards.


I’m all about pampering myself, even when I’m only going to sleep. Over the past few months, I’ve developed a ritual of putting Victoria’s Secret’s Secret Escape body butter every night before I go to bed. Victoria’s Secret scents for me tend to be too strong or too overdone, but Secret Escape is just right. Plus, it doesn’t feel too greasy or too sticky afterwards.

Victoria’s Secret Secret Escape


Cosmetic Lad is another LUSH product I swear by. It’s a facial moisturizer and I use it every morning before I apply makeup and every night before I go to sleep. It’s very light, and just like Ultrabland, a little bit goes a long way, so I only apply about 2-3 dabs and spread it all over my face and neck.

Cosmetic Lad


I pair up these Absolute cleansing tissues with item Ultrabland (#3), which is meant to be wiped off, not washed off. I didn’t really like wiping off Ultrabland with cotton pads since they’re dry and tend to leave cotton fibers behind. These facial wipes work the best with wiping away all of the make up and dirt and dust in my face, and they make my face feeling so fresh and clean afterwards. Plus, they smell really good!

Do you have any skin/beauty products you can’t live without?