Obsession Du Jour: Aux Merveilleux d’Etty!

Last Monday, in order to kill time for the hour-long wait at Sugarfish, my date and I decided to walk around Beverly Hills and sight-see. It wasn’t long until we came across the classiest French bakery, Le Mervetty.

The décor was incredibly elegant yet minimalistic. Ultra white walls, modern metallic seating, and an eccentric light fixture greet customers upon entering. Mini Eiffel Tower sculptures, a huge portrait of Marie Antoinette (and her famous quote, “Let them eat cake!”), and black tutu aprons worn by the staff  give the boutique a Parisian Victorian era with a modern upscale twist.

Although the merveilleux is what the shop is known for, Le Mervetty also offers a variety of French macaroons as well as coffee to complement the sweet pastries.

Pastry chef and owner of Le Mervetty, Etty Benhamou, welcomed us with her warm smile as soon as we walked in. She was incredibly friendly and accommodating, giving us free samples while patiently answering our questions about what exactly a “merveilleux” is (a French confection of puffy meringue and whipped cream coated with chocolate shavings or crumbled speculoos). Or, as I’d like to call it, magic cloud cakes!

Petit merveilleux!

At $5.50 a pop of the grand merveilleux, the magic cloud cakes were a little on the pricey side. Yet, as always, my sweet tooth got the best of me. Plus, I’m a firm believer in dessert before dinner.

Nutella Merveilleux!

True to nature, I chose the Nutella Merveilleux. It was heavenly! It was delicate and soft and airy yet rich and decadent at the same time! Sweet but not too sweet! The magic cloud cake crumbled immediately after the first cut, which I expected considering it was a mountain of meringue and whipped cream. It was quite messy to eat (as seen on the picture below), yet it was too delicious for me to notice. We practically licked the plate off.

photo (6)

I am most definitely going to come back and try other flavors!

Anicka Nadine


Le Mervetty
319 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
T: 310.804.9409

Daily Dose Café

With spontaneity in our veins, Justine and I traversed into unfamiliar territory and explored the Arts District for the first time this past Sunday.

Occupying the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles, the Arts District serves as a canvas for the visionaries and artists who call it home. The neighborhood overflows with color, creativity, and imagination, which are epitomized in the ingenious street art painted on the walls of the abandoned warehouses and repurposed buildings that line its streets.

A hidden gem among these art-filled streets is Daily Dose Café. Kids, this is as “hole in the wall” as it gets. The ivy-covered brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for the outdoor seating. An assorted collection of rustic wooden tables and benches complement the hanging string of lights that zig-zag throughout the pathway. Tucked in an alley at the Rue Gastronomique on Industrial Street, the Daily Dose Café is a counter-serve café offering salads, eggs, sandwiches, blended juices, and coffee.

Their vegan and vegetarian selections are a must try. Seen above is a picture of Daily Dose Cafe’s the Margot along with the Farmer sandwich. The crispy, yet soft and porous ciabatta absorbed the avocado and chopped boiled eggs, while the feta cheese, chives and serrano delicately cut the creaminess in this savory delight. As enjoyable as that was, the unique ensemble of the Farmer sandwich grabbed the top spot. The olive bread sandwiched together the house veggie patty, roasted squash, heirloom tomatoes and potatoes with burrata. Sweet yet savory, the Farmer hit the home run with the strong notes from the pesto and ancho chili jam.


Anicka Nadine

Daily Dose Cafe
1820 Industrial St. #104
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Green Eggs & Ham at Huckleberry Cafe

Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery Last weekend, my best friend, Justine, introduced me to Huckleberry for the first time. It was Saturday morning, so not much to my surprise, the place was packed with locals, filling the atmosphere with just the right amount of relaxed chaos that only brunch can bring. Despite the crowd, I was thoroughly impressed with the fast service. Soon after placing our order at the counter, a friendly staff member assisted us in finding cute window-side seats, eliminating the hassle of awkwardly hovering over tables.

Known for their “green eggs & ham,” there was no question that it would be our choice of main dish. The plate consisted of La Quercia prosciutto, basil pesto covered sunny side-up eggs and arugula layered neatly on top of homemade English muffin. The meal itself was delicious for the most part. The prosciutto complemented the eggs; the basil pesto wasn’t overpowering, and the arugula was crisp and vibrant. However, the English muffin was a little on the chewy side, requiring a tad bit more effort on my behalf to cut and chomp. Their raspberry trifle was the perfect pick for dessert. Served in a petite mason jar, the fresh raspberries, sponge cake, and cool custard were ideally proportioned so that each spoonful was a layer of flavors from all three. My experience overall was pleasant, and I definitely see myself coming back!

Anicka Nadine

Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery
1014 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
T (310) 451-2311