Life List #37: See a Broadway play live

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Life List #37 was finally crossed off on January 13, 2015! My friends and I wanted to make the most out of our vacation in New York City, and we definitely did not want to pass up the opportunity to see The Lion King live.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Because of our hotel’s prime location, we only had to walk 4 blocks to the legendary Minskoff Theatre, which is in the heart of Times Square. Unfortunately, cameras and flash photography were not allowed inside the theater, so I wasn’t able to take pictures on my phone.

I was never involved in drama class or theater in high school, so I don’t have as big of an appreciation for the performing arts as much as I want to, but the play was absolutely fantastic! The costumes, the music, the makeup, the props, the stage set-up were captivating! The intricacies of the costumes and the attention to detail were a level of their own. All the visual elements and acting and costume design all blended magnificently.

I remember getting goosebumps upon hearing the first few notes of “Circle of Life.” It was as if I was transported back to my childhood days. With every scene, I envisioned its cartoon movie equivalent, but with much more feeling and emotion. My heart strings were definitely tugged when Mufasa died during the stampede. Seeing all the pageantry in person instead of in a television screen makes the experience so much more personal and enchanting.

Anicka “Hakuna Matata” Nadine

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