It’s Always Sunny in [Philadelphia]

I’ve been watching a lot of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes recently, so I decided Philly is our destination for today’s Throwback Thursday!

After graduating UCLA back in March of 2013, my family and I spent 2 weeks exploring the East Coast. We flew from Los Angeles to New York City, rented a car, and drove all over the northeastern states. Philly was one of our stops!

Philadelphia is unlike any city I’ve ever visited before simply because of its significance in United States’ narrative. It’s always fun to explore a new place full of so much history and good food (who are we kidding)! We only spent one day exploring the city, which was surprisingly enough time to visit the major attractions: Independence Hall, Franklin’s grave, City Hall, Liberty Bell, and Philadelphia Museum of Art/The Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps, and last but not least, Philly cheese steak at Ishkabibble’s Eatery.

We spent some time walking around Philadelphia’s Independence Historic Area, which was so incredibly charming! Such an East Coast vibe!


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